My name is Frederique Milders-Bruijnen and I am very happy to share my story and to show you some of my recent work.

10 years ago I started Bureau Bruijnen and I have been working as a self-employed Recruitment Consultant and Job Coach, which I like a lot. BUT – in September 2017 a lot has changed to me, when I was submitted to the Orientation Year of The Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam! Finally my dream that I have always had since I was a kid, to become an Artist, came closer!

This experience at the Rietveld Academy has given me so much energy and inspiration that I now feel ready to make the next step: following my heart and share my big passion and work with you. So besides helping other people with their career, my aim is to explore and grow as a visual artist. I have painted a lot when living in Buenos Aires with my young family and I feel this is my biggest passion. But next to that I am also exploring different things like ceramic, sculptures and installation artworks.

Enjoy my website and feel free to contact me if any questions!


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